Silicone Waterproofing and Cool Roof Coatings

Cool Roof Coatings – Save your roofs from several tangible issues

Silicone roof coatings provide several advantages and should be taken seriously while making any decision to waterproof a sloped, low-pitched or flat roof. Some of the major advantages of silicone roof coatings include a reduced need for air conditioner, fast installation, the reflection of the sun’s heat rays, etc.

Outstanding Protecting of the roof 

Silicone waterproofing cool roof coatings reflects the sun’s UV rays and protecting the roofs from premature degradation and ageing. Sun’s intense heat can lead to blisters, roof decay, leaks. Without a cool roof reflective coating, the roof surface will absorb the sun’s heat and UV rays causing the roof to prematurely age by driving out the roof’s surface. This roof loses its ability to remain flexible, causing tears and rips in the membrane during temperature fluctuations and building movements, resulting in a leaky roof. However, Silicone waterproof roof coatings can help prevent these issues.

Reduced Energy Cost 

Cool roof coatings provide a substantially cooler temperature inside the building because they can protect the roof from absorbing the sun’s heat; therefore, there is less heat transfer from the roof into the building, allowing the building to remain a cooler air temperature for a longer period without the use of an air conditioning.

Better Comfort and Productivity

Inside the building of a Cool Roof, temperatures remain lower and fluctuate less, resulting in greater comfort and efficiency for employees, tenants, and customers.

Protect against building movement and structural damage

Silicone Cool roof coatings protect against building movement and structural damage caused by expansion and contraction on the building. This is attained when the roof coating is accessible in white, which most are. This is since the white coating can reproduce up to 85% of the sun’s damaging heat rays, which would otherwise cause the building to expand and contract. Silicone is also very flexible and is capable of accommodating most building movement anyway.

Reduce disruption to your business and building 

Silicone coatings installed by a competent roofing contractor provide a low invasive and negligible noise flat roof waterproofing installation. These roof coatings, in most cases, can be used to transfer an existing roofing material, rather than having to rip it up, which would expose the structure to the elements and cause sections of the building to become risky, or else noise polluted.

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