About Us

Why We Exist

EnerCon was formed with the foresightedness and passion to bridge the technological gap; bringing unique and innovative technologies to the offering of our local customers. We are dedicatedly influencing the way, world is built. We are dedicatedly bringing high-performance products at the doorstep of the local market, with continued pursuit of advancement in industrial technologies.
Our services and expertise do not stop with the product; we continuously strive to add value to the effectiveness of the project in its entirety. We take on a consultative approach, as a solution provider for the problems requiring unique and innovative coating solutions. We specifically engineer our product offerings and services to add value to our customers, and to the society at large.

What We Want to Achieve

High standards, extensive know-how, ardor for innovation and determination for continuous improvement drive the philosophy of Enercon. At the heart of our company is the aspiration to combine strong talent with grit, and creatively build a profitable and impactful business, that creates immense value to our customers and to our planet. Combining strong technical expertise with business acumen to provide innovative and sustainable solutions, tailored to the needs of a wide range of commercial and industrial customers.

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