Adhesives & Sealants

Enercon Dubai has always been a believer in serving its customers with the best products whether in roof waterproofing or any type of adhesive & sealant. We take pride in our products and services; our speciality adhesives & sealants provide high performance product with all required testing and certifications, meeting international standards.

Adhesives & sealants have been used to bond and seal various structures for several hundreds of years. The earliest known types of sealants were made from natural materials such as mud, tar, or beeswax. This is where the original idea for sealant was derived from and whilst technology has advanced with time, so is the quality of our sealants. We offer high performance, top quality sealants to cater customer all needs.

We offer entire line of acrylic, modified silicone, hybrid, and clear silicone sealants. Our sealants are approved by American and European certification bodies for use on concrete, single-ply roof, metal roofs and BUR repairs.

Apart from sealants, we have got waterproofing tape, which works on nano-technology principal. Entire range of waterproofing tape offers a versatile and easy to use repair and reinforcing material. These tapes work on nano-technology principal and give the best adhesion even under the harshest of external conditions. These tapes are great for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. They can be used on roofs, gutters, windows, doors, flashings, walls foundations, and many other surfaces. Our incredible waterproofing tape will offer,

• Incredible adhesion
• Incredible durability
• Incredible UV stability
• Incredible waterproofing

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