Basic working principal of Silicone cool roof coating is reflecting the incident sunlight. By reflecting 90% of the sunlight, silicone coating works as an “isolation” layer between the incident sunlight and the roof substrate, thus making the roof substrate cool and inside room cooler.

Silicone Roof Coating is a rapidly growing trend in the roofing industry due to their ease of application, reflecting incident sunlight and ability to withstand ponding water. Silicone coating offers unique advantage of being a single component complete roofing solution, as it has got multiple benefits to offer as a thin film coating. Apart from cool roofing, waterproofing and UV resistant, most important benefit of a silicone roof coating is its 25 years life expectancy, which makes it an ideal choice roof coating for new build and old concrete roof waterproofing.

As reported by the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC), black surfaces under the sunlight can become up to 32° C hotter than the most reflective white surfaces. Heat buildup increases stress in the entire roofing system, thus shortening the life span of the roofing. Hot roof surface will increase the inside roof surface temperature, causing extra burden on internal air conditioning. Trapped heat in the building envelope or roof contributes significantly to the heat island effect. All in all, resulting in increased energy demand, which leads to many other repercussions, such as pollution, heat related illness etc.

Silicone cool roof coatings is an ideal solution for all such problems, silicone will reflect incident sunlight, which will not only increase the life span of the roof by safeguarding it against the harmful UV rays but also diminish the heat buildup of the roof by keeping the roof substrate cool. Most important function of liquid silicone is its excellent resistance against ponding water. Roofing industry biggest challenge has been ponding water, as there has been no optimal solution for this problem. Thanks to liquid silicone hydrophobic properties that it can withstand ponding water without letting any water going into the roof substrate.

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Q: What is Cool Roof Coating?
A: A roof coating, which reflects incident sunlight, thereby isolating the roof substrate from external heat and keeps the roof cool by reflecting sunlight, is termed as Cool Roof Coating.

Q: How does Cool Roof Coating work?
A: Cool roof coating works on the principal of reflection. The coating is applied on the roof top and is directly exposed to sunlight. As one of its key functions, it reflects the incident sunlight, consequently the heat is not passed to the roof substrate, and it keeps the building structure cooler.

Q: Why Cool Roof Coating is becoming more popular?
A: With climate change and recent increase in average temperatures, people are looking for different options to restrict heat gain in their buildings. A cool roof coating is an innovative and cost-effective way of restricting heat gain into the building structure, and it has proven to be effective.

Q: Which areas can benefit by using a Cool Roof Coating?
A: Mostly in areas with tropical climate conditions, where temperatures are considerably higher, a cool roof coating is an effective way of controlling heat gain in the buildings. Areas such as, Middle East, South Asia, North Africa are places, which can get the maximum benefit from Cool Roof coating.

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