ENERCON strongly believes in bringing the latest advancement in energy efficiency and building materials from across the world to our local customers. ENERECON works diligently with all its suppliers to be the first one to bring all latest technologies to our customers doorstep. Our focus is on energy efficiency and innovative building materials, such as roof waterproofing, cool roof coatings, adhesives & sealants, and flooring.

LASTOFLEX ST is an advanced Silicone waterproofing technology developed with all required functional features of a roof coating, such as waterproofing, cool roofing, UV resistance, sustainability, and Eco friendly. LASTOFLEX ST is hydrophobic in nature, and it repels water due to its strong molecular structure. LATSOFLEX ST is a single component, moisture cured, liquid Silicone roof coating, which cures to form a strong, highly elastic, impermeable and a monolithic membrane. LASTOFLEX ST creates a shield, which is not only suited for ponding water, but it also acts as cool roof coating by reflecting sunlight. LASTOLFEX ST holds ETAG 25 years life expectancy certification.

Similarly, strong inter-atomic bonding of LASTOFLEX ST enables it to reflect incident sunlight thus making it an ideal cool roof coating. LASTOFLEX ST is the only roof waterproofing system which can bond with almost any substrate, thus making it a universal roof coating system. LASTOFLEX ST is developed using Green Polymers, which makes it an environmentally friendly product. We work closely with waterproofing contractors in Dubai and conduct their trainings to enable them to ensure quality application of LASTOFLEX ST.

On the other hand, old concrete roof waterproofing consists of multiple layers. Each layer has a distinguished purpose and function, and, for the efficacy of the complete system, it is mandatory that each layer resonate with the other. The predominant major functions of a metal roof waterproofing in Dubai are thermal insulations, water proofing and a weathering resistant top layer. Metal roof waterproofing considered as a treatment of the roofing surface in such a way that it not only blocks the contact of water to the roof substrate, but it also blocks the passage of the water. The key functional parameters which determine the quality of any metal roof water Proofing in Dubai are its permeability and water absorption over time (ponding water). The common problems associated with conventional water proofing coatings are shrinkage, blistering, and adhesive failure.

Most important functional features required of a metal roof water proofing or old concrete roof waterproofing, are Cool Roofing, Waterproofing, Weathering and UV Resistance, Fire Rating, Durability and Environmental Impact. There is only Liquid Silicone roofing system, which includes all these functional properties. ENERCON, a supplier of Silicone coating system, are proud to be the best metal roof waterproofing company in UAE and Pakistan.


Q: What is Silicone Roof Waterproofing?
A: Liquid Silicone is an advanced roof waterproofing technology, developed by USA. Liquid Silicone roof waterproofing has below 3 functional features, thanks to its unique chemical properties, which no other waterproofing system can offer.

  1. Pond Proof Technology
  2. Sustainability (25 years life expectancy)
  3. Can be applied on almost any type of substrate

Q: How does Liquid Silicone works as Old Concrete Roof Waterproofing?
A: Once any existing coating is removed from the old concrete and it is washed, Liquid Silicone can be applied. Liquid Silicone chemically reacts with old concrete to form chemical bonding and its unique property of crack bridging help mitigate any existing cracks to grow further on concrete and once applied, it transforms an old concrete roof into a complete waterproof surface.

Q: Why Silicone Waterproofing is becoming more popular?
A: Liquid Silicone is becoming more and more popular mainly for its advanced functional features, such as, waterproofing on all type of surfaces, ease of application, 25 years life expectancy, cool roof coating. All these features make Silicone Waterproofing a “Single Component Complete Roofing System”

Q: Who can benefit from using Silicone Waterproofing?
A: Anyone who owns a house, or an organization who owns a building, or a facility management company who looks after the roofing and last but not the least, a waterproofing contractor who wants to do a professional job using advanced roof waterproofing technology can benefit from using Silicone waterproofing.

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