David Wright – Country Manager, UAE – Kansai Paint MENA

Walter Glaser – CFO & Managing Director – Unger Steel, Ajman UAE
September 18, 2019
Kassem Merhi – Energy Management Team Leader – ADNOC
September 18, 2019

With two major issues to address, I never thought I would ever find a single solution for both.  Firstly, though our building was a good construction, still the roof leaked on few occasions, when it rained, and whenever the roof leaked, the damage was always enough to replace some stuff and repaint the walls.  Secondly was the ever-increasing cost of cooling the building.  Because our building is a low-rise, the roof creates a major route for absorption of heat, consequently, we must continuously run our AC units throughout the summer.

When I came across APOC solar reflective silicone coating, I could not believe I might have found a solution that would both waterproof my roof and reflect solar radiations, reducing the amount of heat absorbed through the roof.

After the application, which was easy and quick, I got instant satisfaction because it rained within one week of application and not a single drop of water came through the roof.  Now we have been through the summer, and we are paying much lesser electricity bills than last year. APOC Cool Roof Silicone coating is a revolutionary product.

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